XSV-300 Virtex Prototyping Board with 2.5V, 300,000-gate FPGA


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  • XCV300 Virtex FPGA
  • XC95108 CPLD
  • Two 512K x 16 SRAM banks
  • PAL/SECAM/NTSC video decoder
  • 110 MHz RAMDAC
  • 10/100 Ethernet PHY
  • 16 Mbit Flash RAM
  • 100 MHz programmable oscillator
  • Two prototyping headers each with 38 general-purpose I/O
  • Four pushbuttons
  • DIP switch
  • Two LED digits
  • LED bargraph
  • 20-bit stereo codec
  • stereo in/out jacks
  • VGA monitor port
  • mouse/keyboard PS/2 port
  • Single USB port (host or hub)
  • Parallel/serial port connectors
  • ATX power input or 9 VDC power jack

XSV-300 Board V1.1 Manual


The XSV Board brings you the power of the XILINX Virtex FPGA embedded in a framework for processing video and audio signals.  The XSV-300 Board provides an XCV300 FPGA with 300,000 gates.   The XSV-300 can accept PAL, SECAM, or NTSC video with up to 9-bits of resolution on the red, green, and blue channels and can output video images through a 110 MHz, 24-bit RAMDAC.  The XSV-300 can also process stereo audio signals with up to 20 bits of resolution and a bandwidth of 20 KHz.  Two independent banks of 512K x 16 SRAM are provided for local buffering of signals and data.

The XSV-300 Board has a variety of interfaces for communicating with the outside world: parallel and serial ports, Xchecker cable, USB port, PS/2 mouse and keyboard port, and 10/100 Ethernet PHY layer interface.  There are also two independent expansion ports, each with 38 general purpose I/O pins connected directly to the XCV300.

You configure the XSV-300 Board through a PC parallel port, serial port, or from a bitstream stored in the 16 Mbit Flash RAM.  The Flash RAM can also store data for use by the FPGA after configuration is complete.

XSV-300 Board picture
XSV-300 block diagram


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